Travel & Working / Studying in Europe

When deciding on which university to attend, often students from the UK do not even think of studying abroad, even though many places are available for foreign students at EU universities.

So far over 190,000 UK students have taken advantage of the EU’s ERASMUS scheme in order to study abroad, where courses are often a lot cheaper than here in the UK, and, according to the British Council for Learning, the number of UK students choosing to work and study on the continent is continuing to rise.

ERASMUS, (the European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of Students) was introduced in 1987 and rapidly became one of the EU’s most popular programmes.

It has now also been extended to the EEA countries, along with Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In 2009-2010 alone, nearly 12,000 UK students studied or undertook a work placement in the EU through the scheme, while more than 22,000 foreign students completed part of their degree in the UK thanks to ERASMUS.

Many places are available for UK students to study in other European countries now. The average grant for UK Erasmus students was €375 a month in 2009/2010 and if a full year’s study was undertaken abroad, the home institution tuition fees were waived.

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